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Pediatric-focused concussion care from highly skilled specialists

If your child is experiencing dizziness, headaches or confusion after a blow to the head, it could be a concussion. This mild traumatic brain injury requires specialized care that only experts like the ones at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital can provide. We treat hundreds of children each year and can help your child feel like their old self again.

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Pediatric Concussion Services

Our clinic treats infants, children and adolescents with suspected concussions due to bad falls, sports injuries or other causes. We quickly confirm the diagnosis and whether treatment is necessary. Parents turn to us because we successfully treat complex cases, including lingering symptoms and children who have had multiple concussions. 


We use research-based methods, like computerized ImPACT® testing, to assess your child’s symptoms and their severity. This tool enables us to score specific brain activities like memory, attention span and problem-solving. Repeating testing at various points in your child’s treatment helps us determine whether the therapies are working as expected.

Concussion Treatment

The best concussion treatment depends on how the injury impacts your child. 

Treatment typically includes activity modification, such as rest, limited participation in school and breaks from screen time and sports. As your child feels better, we develop a plan for a gradual return to these activities. We provide notes to your child’s school explaining accommodations that may be necessary. This may involve finding a quiet place to rest between classes or printouts to avoid looking at screens and whiteboards.

Children with dizziness or balance issues may benefit from specialized therapy. Physical therapists with certification in vestibular therapy guide your child through activities that re-train the brain and eyes. Consistently performing these exercises can lead to fewer dizzy spells and balance issues.

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Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise

    Board-certified pediatric sports medicine doctors with additional training in concussion care lead our program.

    We stay current on the latest treatment methods so your child receives the best care. This expertise enables us to detect and manage small details that make a difference in your child’s recovery.

  • Easy Access

    The sooner your child undergoes a concussion evaluation, the better.

    We see patients in 2-3 business days. Our experts are in clinic locations throughout South Florida, making it easier to receive care close to home.

  • Personalized care and Team approach

    We offer all the services your child may need.

    If the brain injury is more severe, we coordinate care from our extended team. The team includes pediatric experts in physical medicine, neurology and neuropsychology

Pediatric Concussion Symptoms

Pediatric Concussion Symptoms

Concussion symptoms in children include:

  • Brain fog
  • Dizziness
  • Headache or pressure in their head
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Not feeling like their usual self
  • Ringing ears
Cameron, who had a concussion

Cameron's Concussion Care

Our [U18] Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic experts were there for Cameron after he collided with a classmate during a game of flag football.

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