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The emergency room at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by experienced, board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians and pediatric nurses. We also offer two additional pediatric emergency rooms in South Broward County.
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CPR and Stop the Bleed Certification Class - Infant / Adult - Memorial Healthcare System (Esther L. Grossman Center)

Memorial Healthcare System offers American Heart Association CPR AED and American College of Surgeons Stop the Bleed classes, to educate and train the community we serve. Course Fee: $35 Both courses are for anyone with limited or no medical training. No age restrictions; must be able to completely demonstrate all skills. Any Further Questions or Concerns, please Contact Lisa Y.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Specialty Center - Hollywood

Car Seat Safety Check at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Specialty Center - Hollywood Did you know that 3 out of 4 infants and children aren't as secure in the car as they should be because their car seats aren't being used correctly according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

CPR For Youths

This CPR course will teach youths ages 11 to 17 years old live-saving skills.

Latest News

  • Baby Ariana Heart Patient

    Half a Heart Made Whole

    Before Ariana was born, an ultrasound revealed a severe defect in her heart.

    "She was going to require a lot of procedures starting in the first weeks of life," said Frank Scholl, MD, chief, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Heart Institute.

    "Ariana had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Essentially, she was born with half of a heart," according to Steven Bibevski, MD, pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon.

    "We were so scared," said Ariana's mom, Maria.

    After surgery, Ariana's pediatric intensive care physician Teresa Duncan, MD, sat down with Maria. "We talked about what the journey was going to be, and that we were going to take every step with her," she said.

    "And I was able to vent my questions and worries and she tells me, 'I will treat your baby as my child,'" Maria shared. "And she opened a scripture on her cell phone about the armor of God. It was a beautiful gift."

    As Ariana's journey continues, her family is grateful for every moment together, and for the care they receive at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.

    As Ariana's dad Gabriel put it, "You need that support, and they give it to us 100%."

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  • Kidney Cancer Survivor Elia

    Elia: 'Today I'm Cancer-Free'

    Elia's family took her to the emergency room with a bad tummy ache. Her doctors at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital determined Elia had a Wilms tumor in her right kidney.

    It had spread dangerously close to her heart too.

    "Her tumor was too big and vast to remove," said Hanif Iftikhar, MD, director of pediatric hematology oncology.

    So Elia's care team started her on chemotherapy to shrink the tumor.

    "Once it shrunk down, I was able to safely remove the tumor in addition to the kidney," said pediatric surgeon Jill Whitehouse, MD.

    Elia spent months in additional treatment. Today, she's cancer-free.

    "At first I felt scared, but there are friends all around here. They made me feel good," Elia said.

    Her family is grateful for how the entire Joe DiMaggio team embraced them.

    "They were just there to support us in good times and bad times," said Melanie, Elia's mom.

    Dad Chris said: "That was essential — to have the trust, that team dynamic and how everyone felt like they were there for you."

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  • Hospital Board Adopts Lowest Millage Rate Ever

    The Board of Commissioners of the South Broward Hospital District, which oversees the operations for Memorial Healthcare System, voted on a new millage rate during its September board meeting.

    The Board voted to adopt a millage rate of 0.1260.

    This is the ninth year in a row that the Board has voted to lower the overall millage rate for the District with 0.1260 resulting in the lowest rate in the history of the South Broward Hospital District. The 0.1260 millage rate represents a 10.92 percent decrease from last year’s rate of 0.1414. The resulting gross tax revenues are estimated to reach $7.8 million.

    “The South Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners has had a long-standing philosophy of driving down the tax burden on the community, while continuing to deliver outstanding care to our patients and improving the overall health of the population we serve,” said Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, President and CEO, Memorial Healthcare System.

    After accounting for early payment discounts and a certain percentage of uncollectible taxes, the anticipated tax payments this year of $7.5 million will provide the District enough revenue to cover its governmental obligations, which include paying Broward County’s Medicaid Match program and community redevelopment agencies in several municipalities in south Broward County, as well as tax collector commissions and property appraiser fees.

    The newly adopted millage rate will leave no net tax revenue to fund uncompensated care. The District will use operating income to cover all uncompensated care costs for the entire Memorial Healthcare System, including its six hospitals and its eight Memorial Primary Care clinics. In fiscal year 2020, uncompensated care is projected to exceed $1.1 billion.

    This historic reduction comes at a time when Memorial Healthcare System continues to move health forward, seeking ways to better improve the overall health of the population it serves. In addition, it continues to train the doctors and nurses of the future, having welcomed its first class of physician residents through its Graduate Medical Education Program, and its first class of nurse residents.

    In fall of 2018, Memorial’s hospitals scored across-the-board A grades in patient safety from The Leapfrog Group, the national healthcare nonprofit organization that rates nearly 2,500 hospitals across the country in safety. And in December, Leapfrog named Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Hospital Miramar among its 2018 Top Hospitals.

    On the technological front, Memorial enhanced its online scheduling capabilities and installed convenient on-site kiosks, added new tools to Memorial MyChart, and continues its successful “Your Right to Know” initiative – providing consumers with an Amazon-like experience in obtaining medical procedure pricing information.

    Memorial also remains one of only a handful of public hospitals in the nation to achieve AA, Aa3 financial ratings by Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively.