Employee with baby and family

Patients and Families

We’re by your family’s side at every step. Let us know how we can help.

At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, we believe in patient- and family-centered care. We support you through a wide range of services designed to meet your family’s unique needs.

Whether you need help navigating billing, payments and insurance or accessing your child’s medical records, our caring staff can help. For families visiting us from a distance, we offer convenient lodging at the Conine Clubhouse. International patients may also receive personalized assistance from our Global Health team.

When you choose Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, you can expect care from world-class physicians using state-of-the-art technology in a supportive, child-friendly environment.

At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients, families, visitors and staff. We believe in Patient and Family Centered Care and our staff are empowered to partner and assist families to help ensure that your needs are met throughout your child’s hospital stay. Given the flu season and the continuous threat of infection for COVID-19 in the community, our visitation policy will include monitoring respiratory trends within the community for guidance on visitation practices. Please see our current visitation policy.

For the safety of patients and healthcare personnel. Anyone with signs/symptoms of sore throat, fever, chills, cold, cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other illness should not visit patients in the hospital. We understand these visitor restrictions may be frustrating and inconvenient. Please be assured they are not permanent and will be updated as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Masks Are Now Optional

Patients and visitors may be requested to wear a mask if they have signs or symptoms of or a diagnosed infectious diseases that can be spread through coughing (droplet or airborne transmission), within a sterile area or during a sterile procedure, or visiting with a patient whose treating provider has diagnosed or confirmed a condition affecting immune system. Patients and visitors may opt out of these masking guidelines unless doing so would risk the safety or health of the patient, other patients, or staff of the facility, or cannot be reasonably accommodated by the facility or provider.

Tour of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
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children's hospital
today we're going to go on a tour are
you ready
welcome mr josh i'll be more than happy
to park the park with you today
no thank you i'm taking it inside
one of these baseballs represents one of
the generous people who have supported
the hospital
good morning hi welcome
all right we've got a lot of places to
get to so let's take a closer look at
this first
floor this is the outpatient department
it's where you go to get checked and
treated when you don't have to spend the
in the hospital that's why they call it
let me keep showing you around
there's a chapel in gift shop too if you
ever need it
over there's the clipper cafe where
family members can get
breakfast lunch dinner and snacks
lots of snacks my personal favorite is
the breakfast wrap
children's hospital is all about the
healing power of play
that's why they have many players like
this one
all over the hospital and all of its
floors have a theme to them
this one is sports themed the second
floor is
art the third is all about games
and the fourth is themed around dreams
hey guys wait for me
this is one of the coolest places here
it's like a big family room where you
can read books play with toys and
even enjoy some freshly baked cookies
this place really is awesome i think i'm
going to stay here
for a bit gabriel why don't you keep
showing my friends around
i'm on it
all right looks like you've covered the
first floor let's check out the second
did you know kids from this hospital
actually recorded the voices for the
elevator that went up
i bet that was fun
this is where you go to get ready for
surgery it could be a little stressful
so they usually have someone helping
kids relax and have fun
oh my pet therapy program is here too
hi freedom how are you
and here's my friend ellia who knows a
lot about surgeries
so she's going to show you around this
part hey can you show them around
i'm on it this super high tech and
super clean room is called the surgical
it's the place where doctors perform
i actually had my own surgery right here
and over here is a quiet and comfy place
to rest and recover
thank you ellia i'll see you later bye
we're at the third floor now let's go
over to imaging
this place is called imaging when you're
sometimes you need to look inside your
body to find out what's wrong
and that's what they do here in imaging
and the best part
is none of it hurts let me show you
this is a ct scanner it's like a huge
that takes pictures of what's inside of
you all you have to do is
lie down and let them do the work this
is the mri
that stands for magnetic resonance
imaging it looks like your organs using
magnets and radio waves
patients children's hospital are super
comfortable when you get here there's a
sign that welcomes you into your room
that couch over there can actually turn
into a bed
not to mention get your own restroom
mom and dad get a separate place to
you even get someone to hang out with
paige here works as a child life
which means she'll find ways to make
your life happy and comfortable
hey do you mind showing them around the
hospital i'm busy playing with paige of
i'm on it bye
looks like there's one more floor to go
you're going to love this one this is
the fourth floor
which is focused on oncology it's where
kids come to receive special medicine
for cancer
oh hey elia oh hi you know a lot about
this place right
yeah this is daniella's atrium it's a
space dedicated to daniella a beloved
she drew everything you see on the wall
she even
wrote that poem if you listen carefully
you can actually hear the ocean
thank you this hospital is so big it's
hard to know every place here
did you know it's actually getting
bigger really
the hospital currently has four floors
but soon they will be adding four
more floors on top that's like double
the care
imagine all the lives that will be saved
and changed for the better
more care more love i can't wait
all right i have to get going thanks a
lot for the help ellia
bye bye now
you might think the fourth floor is over
but it keeps going
let me show you the skywalk yeah it's as
cool as it sounds
goggles on
we finally made it
at joe dimaggio children's hospital kids
don't have to miss school
they just need to visit the classroom
and meet mr george our teacher
hey hello
sometimes when you get hurt you need
some help getting back on your feet
good thing we have our own rehab gym
right oh
and here's freedom hard at work again
this is the heart station it's where
doctors take care of your heart
here's the waiting room the examining
area where they take a first look at you
in the echo room where they can take
ultrasound pictures of your heart
this is the nicu it's the place where
they give special care to newborn babies
but anyway the babies are sleeping so
let's move on to the emergency
if something happens to you or you feel
really bad
this is the place where you go to get
help right away the emergency department
where they take care of you guessed it
some of our patrons have to come from
far away
so they have special ambulances to pick
them up and bring them to the hospital
all right let's finish this up
that was a lot of work we hoped you
liked this place as much as we do
and we hope you pay us a visit if you
ever need to
we're gonna go play now if you don't

Tour of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital