Kealy, who had neuroblastoma, with her mom, Kellie

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When You Catch the Love, We Can Do More

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is the region's leading full-service pediatric hospital, and we wouldn't be who we are without you. Each year, we are able to save and heal hundreds of thousands of kids because of your kindness and generosity. Our personal devotion to every patient and their family puts love at the center of all that we do. Because of this, families trust us during life’s most stressful time.

With 360,000 patient interactions each year and a team of more than 600 pediatric specialists, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is the world’s first children’s hospital that is Planetree Designated® for Person-Centered Care. When you choose to give, you help us create a better quality of life for thousands more children and families in need. It all starts with you.

Ways to Give Back

Your support gives another child a healthier, happier tomorrow. Gifts of all kinds and sizes help us provide world-class, life-changing pediatric care in the moments that count — to kids right here in our community.

Donating to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Donating to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Donations Help Support

Juliet Rose and Emma music therapy session

Patient and Family Support

Your support allows us to use the healing Power of Play to improve the patient experience and recovery outcomes. Giving provides our patients' families a home away from home and offers our patients enriching, healing therapies through art, music, pets and our full-time clown, Lotsy Dotsy.

You help us support families through services such as:

  • Conine Clubhouse, a hotel-like home away from home where patients’ families can stay at no cost to them
  • Personal Navigators who streamline appointments and find local resources for families
  • Child Life specialists who help patients and families understand what’s happening and cope through age-appropriate support and programs

Your donation also creates patient and family space for families to dine, relax, play and bond together.



When you give, you help us provide lifesaving resources, like advanced iMRI to help our surgeons ensure the best outcomes, child-friendly lower-dose radiation treatment and new wearables that provide continuous monitoring while letting our patients move and play.

Research & Education

Our research initiatives provide innovative clinical trials personalized to each child, as well as training future generations of doctors, nurses and staff on the latest breakthroughs in pediatric care. Our education mission also provides instruction from a full-time teacher with access to all the tools to keep patients current on schoolwork.

Our Patient Stories

Every dollar you donate empowers us to heal more children and save more lives. And what does that look like? Take a few moments to watch these stories of real patients, real families, whose lives have been transformed because people like you helped us Catch The Love.

Elia is Cancer-Free Thanks to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Elia is Cancer-Free Thanks to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Watch Elia, her parents and doctors share her journey through treatment and care for a Wilms tumor in her kidney.
Helping Noah Breathe Normally to Make His Life What it is Today

Helping Noah Breathe Normally to Make His Life What it is Today

Noah was born with respiratory distress syndrome and developed subglottic stenosis. Dr. Samuel Ostrower performed surgery at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital to open his airway. Noah’s parents explain the difference Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital made for their family, and how the care they’ve received has helped Noah become a very active boy.
Freddy and His Mom after His Kidney Transplant

Freddy and His Mom after His Kidney Transplant

Watch to see Freddy and his mom express their gratitude after his kidney transplant.
Johnny's Heart Surgery Survivor Story

Johnny's Heart Surgery Survivor Story

See how Johnny, who had heart surgery in 2012, returns to run the Tour de Broward 5K, with his heart surgeon.
They Gave Us Hope – Ariana’s Congenital Heart Defect Care

They Gave Us Hope – Ariana’s Congenital Heart Defect Care

Ariana was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a severe heart defect.

Child Life Program

Our therapy dogs lend a helping paw.