Pediatric Neurology

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is providing in-person, telehealth and telephone visits. We are taking necessary precautions to keep you safe while visiting our facilities. If you need care, please call your physician’s office or schedule an in-office or telehealth appointment.

If you suspect that your child has a neurological condition like epilepsy, a developmental disorder such as ADHD, or suffers from recurrent headaches, the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Neuroscience Center is ready to help.

We specialize in caring for children diagnosed with a wide range of neurological diseases and conditions. Our experienced team of fellowship-trained, board-certified pediatric neurologists apply their extensive training and knowledge to treat a neurological disorders in children, such as:

Parents of Children with Epilepsy Support Group

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with epilepsy seeking support, you are invited to join our free virtual parent support group.

Nearby Children's Neurology Centers

Diagnosis and treatments for pediatric neurological conditions are provided at several of our locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties. To schedule an appointment at any location, call 954-265-2423.


New Pediatric Specialty Center in Wellington is now open


Meet our Team of Pediatric Neurology Specialists

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Concussion Clinic

With one phone call, our team of pediatric concussion experts is ready to help.

child life program
Child Life Program

Our Child Life Specialists help children to maintain a normal life during their stay at the hospital.

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