International Patients

If you live abroad, we can help you access care for your child.

Global Health

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital provides specialized and emergency medical services for pediatric international patients. Families can also receive personalized assistance from Memorial Global Health to coordinate a child’s care.

Coordinated Services

Seeking medical care from abroad for your child may seem overwhelming. The Memorial Global Health team is here to assist you at every step. From the moment you contact us to your child’s return home, we streamline and guide your child’s care.

Prior to your child’s arrival, our team:

  • Assesses your child’s medical needs
  • Communicates with your child’s current physician
  • Finds the right Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital doctor for your child
  • Organizes direct patient transfer from an overseas hospital, if necessary

During your child’s stay, we:

    Coordinate your child’s medical appointments and hospital visit
  • Assist with hospital admission procedures
  • Provide a hospital orientation
  • Bring together a multidisciplinary team, when needed, to develop a personalized care plan
  • Arrange for a private room at the hospital, upon request

After treatment, we help you:

  • Obtain your child’s medical records
  • Transition your child’s care to their physician at home

Traveling to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

No matter where you are coming from, our experienced professionals can help make your journey smoother. Look to our team for help with:

  • Hotels and transportation: Memorial Global Health can help coordinate lodging, car rental and transportation services. Contact us for discount codes.
  • Travel visa: If you and your child are citizens of another country, you may need a visa to enter the United States. Our Memorial Global Health team can assist with the visa process and provide a letter to expedite your visa request.

When traveling to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, we recommend flying into Miami International Airport (MIA) or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL).

Emergency Transport Services

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital provides emergency air transport for severely ill or injured infants and children through our Pediatric Emergency Transport Services. We transport children on a fully equipped and staffed Learjet. This critical care jet has flown to the Caribbean and abroad.

The transport team includes a pediatric and neonatal critical care nurse, respiratory therapist, and pediatric intensive care physician, if necessary.

Interpreter Services

Timely and accurate communication with the medical team caring for your child is essential. If needed, the Memorial Global Health team coordinates interpreter services for you and your child.

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