Spine Program

We treat congenital (present at birth) issues and other conditions affecting children’s spines

Our Spine Program

Your child’s spine health is precious, and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital experts do everything possible to protect it. Our program is home to one of the country’s largest teams of pediatric spine specialists. We offer the expertise that only comes with advanced training and treating thousands of patients.


We can manage any spine issue, including scoliosis and other spine curvatures, trauma, infections and tumors. Our genuine concern for our patients’ well-being helps your child and family feel cared for every step of the way.


Pediatric Spine Care Services

We deliver all the tests and treatments your child may need in one program. Personalized care plans may include:


We perform a comprehensive evaluation that often includes imaging studies. Advanced options, such as MRI, provide an exceptional level of detail. Experts also perform a physical exam and ask how symptoms affect your child’s daily life. This information helps us recommend the best treatments for your child.

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Casting and Bracing

Babies and young children with mild scoliosis may improve with special casts or braces. These devices hold the spine in a fixed position, gradually correcting alignment. Frequent imaging helps us monitor progress and adjust treatments as necessary.

Successful treatment often delays or prevents the need for surgery.

Additional Nonsurgical Therapies

We offer the full range of nonsurgical therapies, giving your child the best chances for lasting relief. Care may include physical therapy, bracing or injections. For pain due to sports injuries, our comprehensive approach includes personalized recommendations for a safe return to sports.

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Spine Surgery

Our expertise in pediatric spine surgery means you can count on us for a safe procedure and excellent outcomes. Surgery may be necessary for advanced spinal instability, scoliosis, tumors and severe injuries.

We use sophisticated techniques and technologies to repair and stabilize spine structures. Some patients are up and walking the day after surgery and go home after a few days.

Spine Conditions We Treat

Back and spine conditions we treat include:


This condition causes an abnormal sideways curve of the spine. There are many types, including:

  • Iatrogenic scoliosis: Complication of a previous spine surgery in which the bones (vertebrae) do not align as expected
  • Idiopathic scoliosis: Spinal curvature with an unknown cause
  • Neuromuscular scoliosis: Curvature that occurs with conditions affecting muscles that help stabilize the spine
  • Post-traumatic scoliosis: Severe spinal injuries that cause curvature of the spine

Other Spine Conditions We Treat

Our team also cares for babies, children, adolescents and young adults with other conditions, such as: 

  • Disc herniation: Slippage of the cartilage pockets that cushion the space between the spine bones 
  • Kyphosis (roundback): Spinal curve that causes the upper spine to hunch over 
  • Lordosis (swayback): Inward curve affecting the lower back
  • Spondylolysis: Small cracks in spine bones that occur from repetitive stress
  • Spondylosis: Wear and tear on spine bones that occurs with age
  • Spinal cord tumor: Abnormal cells that grow quickly
  • Spinal infection: Bacteria or viruses that invade the spinal cord or vertebrae

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Pediatric Spine Care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital: Why Choose Us?

All our specialists complete advanced orthopedic training through fellowships and have extensive education and practice in pediatric spine surgery. Many surgeons have decades of experience and are respected leaders in the field. You can count on us for care reflecting the latest research and your child’s needs. Meet our team.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Conservative approach: We help many children with spine disorders and injuries get better without surgery. Care may include casting or bracing to correct malformations gently. For severe conditions, spine surgery is often necessary. We use sophisticated techniques that are less disruptive to healthy tissue. 
  • Complex cervical spine care: Issues such as tumors, genetic bone disorders and traumatic injuries can lead to spinal instability and require specialized care. With three renowned spine surgeons on our team, your child has access to the best possible care. Find out more about complex cervical spine services.
  • Scoliosis expertise: Children with severe scoliosis benefit from innovative surgical options, some of which you won’t find elsewhere in South Florida. Offerings include anterior vertebral body tethering, which corrects spinal curvature while preserving natural development and motion. 
  • Coordination: We use a team approach to treat complex cases. Pediatric spine experts and radiologists work together to plan procedures. During surgery, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, spinal cord specialists (neurophysiologists) and nurses deliver coordinated care. We anticipate and address small details, leading to outstanding outcomes. 

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