Concussion Experts Help Cameron

October 27, 2016


When Cameron collided with a classmate during a game of flag football and hit his head, he knew immediately something was wrong.

“I was very dizzy,” he said. “I didn’t feel like myself.

The fall led to Cameron’s second concussion in 10 months. Fearing long-term damage and a lengthy recovery, his mother brought him to see specialists at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Concussion Clinic. 

“We have been able to, through the multidisciplinary clinic, get him to the proper services at the proper times to aid in his return back to baseline,” said Matthew L. Fazekas, MD, FAAP, CAQSM.

The clinic offers comprehensive care to treat infants, young children and teenagers suffering from brain injuries related to a fall, sports or other cause.

In addition to helping Cameron recover, Dr. Fazekas coordinated appointments within days to see other specialists to address his symptoms and helped him cope with his injury.

“He’s always coming up with creative ways to explain what has happened and what is going to happen, and he’s lined me up with the right people,” said Cameron.

Now on the tail end of his recovery, Cameron’s mom knows bringing her son to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital was the right choice.

She said: “Being here has been a Godsend for us.” 

Concussion Clinic Helps Cameron with Recovery

Concussion Clinic Helps Cameron with Recovery

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