Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I bring to the hospital?
  • We encourage you to bring a familiar object (teddy bear, blanket, or pillow) from home to decrease your child's anxiety.
  • For your comfort, dress warmly and bring comfort items for yourself. Bring snacks if you do not want to leave the waiting area for food.
  • Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra set.
  • Write down questions for your child's doctor.
  • Medical clearance papers, pharmacy information, medication lists, insurance and prescriptions cards, and any legal paperwork as needed.
  • Electronic devices and chargers.
What happens before the procedure?
  • Your arrival time is approximately two hours before the procedure in order to safely prepare your child. Registration occurs in Surgical Services on the second floor.
  • There are monitors in the waiting room and the Family Resource Center that show where your child is in the process. Our staff will explain how to follow your child on the screen.
  • We ask lots of questions over and over for the safety of your child.
  • Your child's doctor and the anesthesiologist will meet with you before the procedure to answer your questions. Emergencies happen and you may have to wait longer than expected. We will do our best to keep you informed of delays.
  • Your child's safety is our top priority.
Can I eat while my child is in the procedure?
  • Food is not allowed inside the Pre-op area or Recovery Room (Coffee and water are permitted).
  • Food that you purchase or bring from home can be eaten in designated areas near the waiting room.
What food options are available to me?
  • Family Resource Center - 1st floor at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
    • Free coffee for families Monday-Friday
  • Clipper Café - 1st floor at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
    • Open Monday-Friday 6am-12pm Midnight, Saturday 10am-4pm, and Sunday 11am-4pm
    • Delivery available, please call 954-265-0139
  • Café 3501 – 1st floor at Memorial Regional Hospital
    • Hot breakfast served 6am-10am, continental until 10:30am
    • Hot lunch served 11am-2:30pm, deli open until 4pm
    • Hot dinner served 4:30pm-7pm, and 12am-2:30am
  • Starbucks – 1st floor at Memorial Regional Hospital entrance
    • Open 6am-10pm
My child's procedure is over, now what?
  • The doctor will speak with you in the waiting room and let you know how the procedure went and answer your questions about post-operative care.
  • During this time the anesthesia doctor will be preparing to transport your child to the Recovery Room, this could take up to 30 minutes or more.
  • You will be brought to the Recovery Room as soon as possible, we recognize family is beneficial to recovery.
What happens in the Recovery Room?
  • Your child will be in the Recovery Room approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • If your child is going home, your nurse will give you instructions on caring for your child at home.
  • If your child needs prescriptions, they can be filled and delivered to the bedside before you leave. Discharge home occurs when you and your child are comfortable and your child has tolerated fluids.
  • If your child will be spending the night in the hospital, they will go to their room when it is ready.
What should I expect to see in the Recovery Room?
  • Your child may be very sleepy and may have oxygen on or near their face.
  • Your child will be connected to a lot of wires that are monitoring their heart, breathing and blood pressure, do not worry if these get pulled off - they are easily replaced.
  • Your child may have an IV that will stay in place until they are ready to go home.
  • Sometimes your child's face may appear puffy, swollen, and pale. This will go away with time.
How can I help my child in the Recovery Room?
  • Some children are sleeping while other children are fussy and crying.
  • Children wake up calmer if they are able to sleep and wake up on their own after anesthesia. If your child is sleeping, please do not touch them or try to wake them for at least one hour. If your child is fussy and crying, we encourage you to hold them and comfort them, play music for them, or have them watch their favorite shows on your electronic device. Distraction is a wonderful comfort tool.
  • The Recovery Room nurse will make sure your child is given medications if needed.

For more information about your child’s procedure or surgery visit what to expect from pediatric surgery. If you or your child would like to consult with a child life specialist prior to your visit, please ask your nurse or call 954-265-0551.

To schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric general surgeons, call:


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