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Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

We are the first comprehensive acute inpatient rehabilitation program for hospitalized children and adolescents in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital was the first hospital in Broward and Palm Beach counties to offer comprehensive acute inpatient rehabilitation for children and adolescents. Our team of pediatric rehabilitation specialists focuses on restoring function, improving mobility and increasing the overall quality of life for hospitalized kids in need of rehabilitation. We feature one of two pediatric inpatient rehabilitation programs in Florida certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the only CARF-accredited program in South Florida.

We offer patient- and family-centered care designed to help each child reach their full potential. Our team includes doctors specializing in pediatric rehabilitation (physiatrists), rehabilitation certified nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, pediatric neuropsychologists, exercise physiologists, child life specialists and other healthcare professionals. Together, we are dedicated to helping your child live the best life possible.

In addition, our pediatric intensivists and pediatric hospitalists specialize in care for seriously ill children. At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, these specialists provide 24-hour, in-hospital coverage for pediatric patients in our six-bed unit. We offer:

  • Access to a fully staffed children’s hospital and its wide range of services and specialties
  • Continuous assessment of your child’s health, abilities and progress
  • Extensive, targeted treatments for shorter hospital stays and better results
  • Large, private rooms with enough space for family members to stay overnight
  • Personalized rehabilitation care tailored to your child’s individual, ever-changing needs
Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit Tour

Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit Tour

Conditions We Treat

We offer care for a wide range of conditions that affect mobility, speech, function, feeding and independence while children are in the hospital. Learn more.

Our Treatments and Services

Our team uses a positive attitude to encourage children with rehabilitation needs to overcome their physical and mental challenges. Comprehensive, compassionate treatment increases mobility, improves function and fosters independence for the children we serve. Learn more.

What to Expect From Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

We know a hospital room is the last place your child wants to be. Therefore, our team of rehabilitation specialists is dedicated to getting your child back home as safely and quickly as possible.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital was the first hospital in Broward and Palm Beach Counties to offer inpatient rehabilitation services for children and adolescents. Unlike other facilities with sporadic, infrequent treatment schedules, our inpatient rehabilitation experts provide focused physical, occupational or speech therapy for at least three hours, five days per week. Our accelerated level of care helps speed your child’s progress and typically shortens their hospital stay.

You can expect:

  • A cozy, warm environment with rooms large enough for family members to spend the night
  • Art therapy, yoga sessions, humor therapy and other special programs that promote healing in fun, innovative ways
  • Frequent interactions with members of your child’s care team who can update you on progress
  • In-person learning from a Broward County school teacher who works with your child’s school to continue their education with minimal interruptions during their hospital stay
  • Specialized, state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment designed and sized for pediatric patients
Your Inpatient Rehabilitation Care Team

A Team of Experts Dedicated to Your Child

The inpatient rehabilitation team at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood provides patient- and family-centered care while your child is in the hospital. Every member of our team is highly qualified, with advanced training and expertise in rehabilitation for children. But even more than that, we’re passionate about the care we give.

Our inpatient rehabilitation team consists of pediatric rehabilitation experts led by a team of pediatric physiatrists. Physiatrists are doctors who specialize in treating physical and neurological conditions affecting how the brain, spinal cord, limbs, muscles and nerves function.

The rehabilitation team includes pediatric specialists in each of the following fields:

  • Child/adolescent life services. Uses age-appropriate activities, such as therapeutic play, distraction and education, to help children cope with their health challenges.
  • Exercise physiologists. Create customized exercise and fitness plans to increase function, mobility and overall health.
  • Humor and pet therapy. Freedom, our facility dog, and Lotsy Dotsy, our resident clown, provide a welcome distraction from injury and illness.
  • Integrative therapy. Provides music therapy, art therapy and yoga to help children express emotions, manage pain and anxiety, and grow developmentally.
  • Nutrition services. Ensure children get the nutrition they need while in the hospital.
  • Occupational therapy. Teaches children skills and exercises to increase their ability to perform day-to-day tasks and encourage independence.
  • On-site teacher. A Broward County school teacher works with your child’s school to continue their education with minimal interruptions during their hospital stay.
  • Orthotics/prosthetics. Implants, devices and technology that replace a missing body part or improve the function of an impaired limb, hand or foot.
  • Physical therapy. This therapy helps children improve their mobility and function without surgery or other invasive procedures.
  • Respiratory therapy. This therapy provides care for children with breathing issues, such as asthma or cystic fibrosis.
  • Social services. These services provide counseling, education and information for children and their families about available community resources.
  • Social workers. Provide counseling, education and information for children and their families about available resources and community support services.
  • Speech-language therapy. This therapy helps children improve their ability to understand and use language, swallow correctly and speak clearly.
  • Neuropsychology. Experts who evaluate and treat changes to children’s behavior and brain function caused by a disease or injury to their central nervous system.

Our Approach

We understand the challenges a child with rehabilitation needs faces. And we know how that affects the entire family. Empathy and meaningful listening help our team better understand your child's physical, mental and emotional needs. We use that knowledge to create personalized care plans that emphasize progress, independence and healing.

Outstanding Results

We combine evidence-based care with compassion, dedication and advanced expertise. Our patient- and family-centered care addresses every aspect of your child’s rehabilitation. See how we’re changing lives.

Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes 

Learn about our most recent inpatient rehabilitation outcomes for our pediatric patients.
pediatric inpatient rehabilitation patient outcomes

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