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Baby Kayden with his care teamThe pediatric experts at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital understand the challenges faced by parents of children with complex medical conditions.

Some children who have multiple health conditions, who rely on numerous medications or special equipment, or who require long hospital stays and a large team of specialists benefit from a coordinated approach to care organized by our Center for Complex Care. These children and families need special resources to help them achieve the best health possible.

We are here to provide the care and resources your child needs.

Boston Children's Hospital, Where the world comes for answersBoston Children’s Hospital for complex care patients. This alliance gives your child access to:

  • An expanded network of medical and clinical pediatric experts
  • The combined expertise of two of the finest children’s hospitals in the U.S.
  • Outstanding pediatric complex care close to home in South Florida
  • Expert second opinions on challenging diagnoses

Through this alliance, experts at both children’s hospitals can review a child’s health issues and provide a collective approach to his or her care. The medical teams from both hospitals collaborate and manage the rarest and most complex conditions while keeping patients close to home.

Our Center for Complex Care team (see below) offers a wide range of services for you and your family to help coordinate care and provide resources from clinical experts.

Dr. Amanda Porro - Complex Care Program Physician

Dr. Amanda Porro - Complex Care Program Physician

Complex Care Coordination

When it comes to comprehensive healthcare services for your child, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Center for Complex Care team is here for you. We work closely with your child’s healthcare team, taking into consideration your child’s specific medical needs, care goals and family and community support systems.

We are committed to helping you access resources for your child’s healthcare needs and providing a seamless medical home experience, including:

  • Coordination of care for children with complex medical conditions, including KidCierge™ services to assist with access to multiple pediatric specialists
  • Office visits for children with complex chronic medical conditions.
  • Second opinions for children with rare or difficult to diagnose health issues.
  • Expert medical consultation and diagnostic services for children with rare diseases.
  • Expert medical consultation for complex medical decision-making for providers and/or caregivers of children with complex conditions.
  • Needs assessments for home and community-based medical services.
  • Medical diagnostic and treatment services for children with multiple healthcare needs.
  • Short and long-term medical planning for medically complex children.
  • Transition of care visits for medically complex children, including when children experience the following changes in care environments:
    • Hospital to home
    • Skilled nursing facility to home
    • Geographic relocation
    • Shift from one care provider to another
    • Approaching adulthood

Our goal is to continually elevate and enhance the care we provide while giving you and your family the tools you need to help your child through their medical journey.

To learn more, schedule an appointment or request a physician consultation, call:

Parker, who had choanal atresia and craniosysnostosis

Parker's Complex Care

Born with breathing trouble from choanal atresia, and multiple medical problems, Parker’s ongoing treatment is managed by our Center for Complex Care.

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