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Nursing Professional Development and Education

Continuing nursing education

No matter the stage of your career, you’re always learning and growing as a nurse. We invest the time and resources for nursing professional development so that pediatric nurses at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital can expand their knowledge and excel in their careers.

Continuing Nursing Education

We offer continuing education activities throughout the year for our nursing team and other professional partners. These opportunities include courses, conferences and self-study programs.

Tuition and Certification Reimbursement

Additional education and training benefits you and the patients and families you treat. We support our nurses’ continuous learning by reimbursing for tuition and specialty nursing certifications. We also encourage our nurses’ learning and growth by supporting your attendance at classes and local and national conferences.

Clinical Ladder Program

We are committed to continuous and lifelong learning. Our clinical ladder program provides a structure for professional development advancement for our clinical nurses.

This formal program includes various types of recognition for your accomplishments and nursing professional development, as well as the impact you make in caring for our patients and families.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and Nursing Research

We encourage our nurses to get involved in research in their clinical practice environment. Engaging in nursing research gives you the chance to question and improve nursing practice. Our shared governance structure includes a council that aims to support EBP and nursing research.

Members of our Nurse Residency Program complete high-value, nurse-led evidence-based practice (EBP) projects. These projects address solutions to clinical problems.

Community involvement and outreach

Community Involvement and Outreach

Community involvement is a pillar of our hospital structure. You’ll find many opportunities to engage with South Florida families. Nurses visit schools, perform car seat checks, hold backpack drives, collaborate with community partners and much more.

Nursing Orientation

There’s always a lot to learn when you’re a new employee. We make the transition as smooth as possible with our formal nursing orientation program. New nurses receive a combination of hospital-wide nursing orientation sessions and unit/population-specific sessions.

You’ll also experience:

  • Precepted orientation
  • Progress checks and rounding with nurse leaders in your department
  • Unit-based educators to guide you through orientation and tailor your learning

Nurse Residency Program

Recent graduates join our year-long Nurse Residency Program, which helps you make a seamless transition to clinical practice. New nurses participate in this formal program in groups, allowing for peer support and the development of lasting relationships.

The program includes:

  • Training
  • Classes and simulations
  • Monthly seminars on clinical topics, critical thinking, communication and more
  • Evidence-based practice teaching
  • Peer support and time for reflection
  • A year-end project

RN Fellowship Program

Our RN Fellowship Program prepares experienced nurses who wish to transition to specialty pediatric care areas. The 12-month program includes simulation training, seminars, peer support and professional development support.

Nursing Opportunities in More Than 50 Pediatric Specialties

At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, our nurses work in more than 60 children’s health specialties and services.