Pediatric Cardiology Services

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Our cardiologists and facilities support the full spectrum of care at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Heart Institute. The pediatric cardiology services we offer include:

  • Heart imaging: Heart imaging helps us see inside a child’s heart. We use advanced imaging technologies to diagnose congenital heart conditions and determine the best treatment. Cardiac imaging allows us to visualize the heart during a procedure. Imaging tests are also a regular part of follow-up care.
  • Cardiac intensive care unit (CICU): A specially trained team of doctors, nurses and other specialists provides constant monitoring in our 12-bed cardiac ICU. Here, we care for infants, children and young adults after surgery or other procedures. We also take care of children who are waiting for a heart transplant and need careful monitoring. Read more about the cardiac ICU.
  • ECMO: We use extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to treat critically ill children whose lungs and hearts are weak or need time to recover. Children on ECMO receive care in our cardiac ICU.
  • Fetal diagnosis & management: We can diagnose congenital heart conditions as early as the 12th week of pregnancy. When we diagnose a baby’s heart condition in utero, we provide complete support for mother and baby.
  • Genetic evaluation & counseling: Some heart conditions have a genetic component. Through genetic testing and specialized counseling, we help families get answers about genetic causes and risks. 
Pediatric Cardiology Specialist - Dr Kak-Chen Chan

Heart Conditions We Treat

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital brings a patient- and family-centered care approach to all that we do. We are with children and their families every step of the way, including providing intensive care after heart surgery. We work with families to learn about genetic risks – and can diagnose fetal heart conditions during pregnancy. Pediatric heart conditions that we specialize in treating include:

We also have a strong adult congenital heart disease program to serve the growing population of adults with a history of congenital heart disease.

Available Treatments

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is Florida’s destination for specialized pediatric heart care. The cardiac treatments we offer are comprehensive, including:

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