Sickle Cell

About Sickle Cell Anemia

Although anyone can inherit the condition, sickle cell anemia occurs most often in African Americans and Hispanic Americans. People with the condition may experience sickle cell crises where irregular, or “sickled,” red blood cells block small blood vessels and stop the regular flow of blood and oxygen, causing severe pain throughout the body.

Sickle Cell Day Center

We Moved

Memorial Sickle Cell Day Hospital (Now Sickle Cell Day Center) at Memorial Regional Hospital moved to a new location.

New Location: 3700 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33021

The Sickle Cell Day Center (formerly Sickle Cell Day Hospital)is a leader in sickle cell treatment for patients 16 and older. We specialize in leading-edge sickle cell treatment, research and dedicated services to meet the specific needs of pediatric sickle cell patients in Broward County. Our system of care is unique, as is our level of individualized attention.

Our Sickle Cell Day Center can help patients manage their condition to avoid acute, painful crises and other complications of sickle cell syndromes.

Before pain becomes a problem, patients can call the Sickle Cell Day Center Monday-Friday (8 am–6 pm) for medical help, whether to make an appointment at the Sickle Cell Day Center for treatment or make arrangements to go to the emergency department.

To make an appointment at the Sickle Cell Day Center , please call 954-265-1400.

Memorial Sickle Cell Day Center
3700 Johnson Street
Hollywood, FL 33021

Our Services 

  • Compassionate care in a quiet, comfortable setting
  • Prompt, aggressive treatment for acute pain crises
  • Rapid treatment delivery, with the added benefit of avoiding hospital admission
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Reduced need for hospitalization and fewer visits to the Emergency Department
  • Sickle Cell Infusion Center
  • Sickle Cell Transition Program for adolescents progressing into adult care
  • Simple red blood cell transfusions as well as red blood cell exchange (known as erythrocytepheresis)
  • Support and advocacy groups
  • Support and expertise of a highly knowledgeable staff