How We Offer Patient Support

We provide pediatric cancer support services to provide physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual support.

Patient and Family Support Services

When your child is diagnosed with a childhood cancer or pediatric blood disorder, the news can be devastating for the entire family.

If you or your child need help coping with a cancer diagnosis, require support during in-patient or outpatient treatment or want guidance when transitioning to life after treatment, we’re here to help.

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More Than Medical Services

In addition to our medical services, we provide patients and their families with comprehensive pediatric cancer support services, including access to Child Life specialists and image enhancement services, to provide the physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual support you need.

Our Support Services Includs:

Child Life Program

Our certified and compassionate Child Life specialists work closely with your child's healthcare team to provide a full continuum of quality and compassionate care for our pediatric patients. In addition:

  • Our Child Life specialists help young patients return to school, explaining their diagnosis and treatment to teachers and other students
  • For the child who must stay at home, we can assist arranging for a licensed teacher to help make sure schoolwork isn't neglected
  • We provide a variety of support groups for children with cancer and blood disorders, as well as their siblings and parents
  • To help patients maintain a normal lifestyle, we encourage children with cancer and blood disorders to participate in summer camp programs designed specifically for them
  • The Love Jen Fund, established in memory of one of our cancer patients, supports programs to help families cope with this challenging situation

Learn more about our Child Life Program.

Social Workers

Our experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate social workers are available to help our patients adjust to a diagnosis and treatment, including directing patients and their families to specialized services, such as individual counseling to help manage psychosocial issues, loss of independence and other concerns.

  • Family counselors help restore balance in the home during and after a new diagnosis
  • Relaxation and meditation sessions help teach patients to be calm, and over time, these interventions can help patients and families recover energy and enthusiasm
  • Programs for pediatric cancer patients and for children who have a family member with cancer are offered
  • Other services include discharge planning, community resources, advocacy, palliative care, hospice care and bereavement counseling

For more information about the social services we offer, contact us at 954-265-2234.

Pediatric Image Enhancement (The Real Me at Joe D)

Cancer treatment and recovery can take a devastating toll on a young patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Surgery, chemotherapy and other types of treatments can cause hair loss, skin discoloration, amputation or changes in body weight, which can alter a child’s appearance, wreaking havoc on their confidence and self-esteem.

The Pediatric Image Enhancement Center for Cancer Patients—also known as The Real Me at JoeD—is an integral part of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about our Image Enhancement Center.

Survivorship Clinic

Our Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program empowers pediatric cancer survivors and their caregivers by providing them with the information and support they need as they transition to life without cancer.

To be eligible, childhood cancer survivors must have completed at least two years after the completion of their cancer therapy.

Learn more about the Survivorship Clinic.

Palliative Care

Dealing with a serious illness can be a difficult and confusing time for children and their families.

Our Pediatric Palliative Care Team includes experienced and compassionate professionals who work closely with each patient and their family to relieve physical, psychological, social and spiritual distress.

Learn more about palliative care.

Christopher Reads His Class Assignment to Sam - His Child Life Specialist

Christopher Reads His Class Assignment to Sam - His Child Life Specialist

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Child Life Program

Our therapy dogs lend a helping paw.

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