Mental Health Check Up For Back To School

August 22, 2022

mental health and back to school with dr. michelle brenes

In this webinar, Michelle Brenes, PsyD, a pediatric psychologist at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, discusses soothing anxiety for children and young adults as we enter a new academic school year, and how to offer transition support.

Key Takeaways

  • As parents and caregivers, modeling stress management offers support for children transitioning into new schools.
  • Both anxiety and depression can result in sleep difficulties, appetite difficulties, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.
  • Normalizing the adjustment period for teens entering college allows them to understand their new schedule, flexibility and adapt to learning expectations on a college level compared to a high school level.
  • Supporting children academically allows parents to observe behavioral/emotional changes.

Mental Health Issues Related to Going Back to School

Pediatric Psychologist Michelle Brenes, PsyD, discusses some mental health topics related to going back to school.