Wellness Begins With You

Wellness Begins With You

Where Healthcare Meets Happiness: Welcome to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital!

We were delighted to welcome your young scholars to our simulated healthcare experience at BizTown, courtesy of Junior Achievement.

Here, they got a taste of our unique approach to pediatric care. From play therapy to art and music, our Child Life program is designed to turn hospital visits into less daunting, more delightful experiences for your children. We invite you to explore the resources on this page to learn how we put the "Power of Play" philosophy into action every single day.

Your Child’s Visit to BizTown

Meeting the CEO

As they entered our special space, your child was greeted warmly by the hospital “CEO”—a fellow student acting as the cornerstone of a healthcare team. This hands-on interaction introduced the fundamentals of healthcare administration, as they handed over a 'pretend' insurance card and received a red heart checklist card. This colorful keepsake guided them through their BizTown healthcare journey.


Engaging with the CFO

After meeting the CEO, they stepped into the world of hospital finance. Here, they observed another student—the hospital’s “CFO-at work”, deftly managing the JA computer to handle invoices, complete payroll, and even pay bills! It was a practical introduction to the administrative backbone that keeps our hospital running smoothly.

The Nurse's Care
Next, it was time for a general wellness check with our compassionate kid nurse. After a review of their red heart checklist card, each child received a special bracelet, setting the stage for a comprehensive healthcare experience.
Consulting the Doctor

A student in the role of the doctor checked their wellness card and reviewed the initial exam, after which they were awarded another bracelet. Each kid received info and tips about maintaining overall mind and body well-being. Plus, they received referrals to continue their learning journey with a pretend Physical Therapist and Radiologist.


Radiology in Action
The magic of modern technology was unveiled at the Radiology station. Using an iPad app to simulate scans and a tabletop lightbox to review 'x-rays', your child got a glimpse into the fascinating world of medical imaging. And yes, another bracelet to complete their collection!
Physical Therapy Fun
Finally, exercise met education. Your kids were guided through light exercises. Another quick review of the wellness card, and they received their next bracelet.

We hope these activities were informative and fun for your children. Building on the basics of staying active and eating right, we encouraged simple ways to nurture their own mental and emotional well-being, reminding them of the power of kindness, the warmth of a smile, and the value of self-love. We invite you to explore further and stay connected for more insights into pediatric care at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.


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