Heart Surgery Volumes & Outcomes

When you are choosing a hospital for your child’s heart care, you deserve to have the information you need. At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, you’ll find the best of both worlds: exceptional care and one-on-one, personalized treatment from leading pediatric cardiologists and surgeons.

Here, we are deeply committed to transparency. We voluntarily share and publicly report data about the outcomes of the care we provide. As a result, you can be confident that you have made the right choice for your child’s care.

Heart Surgery Volume and Outcomes

When it comes to surgical outcomes, experience, care and collaboration matter more than size or fame. Perhaps that’s why U.S. News & World Report in June 2017 reported that “Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital … is an exception to the high-volume, better-outcomes rule. DiMaggio is a medium-size center whose performance matches that of many high-volume facilities.”

Number of cardiac procedures

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Datasource: Congenital Heart Surgeries
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Datasource: Heart Transplants
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Datasource: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation ECMO
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Datasource: Ventricular Assist Device VAD

Our Heart Surgery Outcomes

Heart programs measure outcomes by tracking heart surgery mortalities. Mortality is the percentage of patients whose death is associated with their heart surgery.

Congenital heart surgery outcomes

For congenital heart surgery, the mortality measure includes deaths occurring within 30 days after surgery in or out of the hospital. It also includes deaths occurring after 30 days but during the same hospitalization after an operation.

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Datasource: Congenital Heart Surgery Mortalities

Heart transplant outcomes

Since our pediatric heart transplant program launched in December 2010, we have performed over 50 heart transplants. Our patient survival rates exceed national averages.

  • Survival 1 year after transplant:
    • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital: 100%
    • National average for pediatric patients: 87.9% to 96.9%
  • Survival 3 years after transplant:
    • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital: 100%
    • National average for pediatric patients: 82.8% to 88.7%

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