Grace’s Extremely Rare Condition Treated with Uncommon Skill

July 24, 2023

Grace and her mother

Born with a condition with less than 60 cases documented in medical literature, Grace spent her first four months in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Missing one arm and having a tiny stomach unable to digest food, her prospects looked grim.

For her parents, uncertainty and fear were replaced by confidence and relief when they met with Jill Whitehouse, MD, vice chief, Pediatric Surgery at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. 

“To have someone come in and explain things in a way we could understand — it changed the trajectory of us,” said Grace’s dad.

“Grace’s stomach is about the size of my pinky,” said Dr. Whitehouse. The treatment of microgastria with limb reduction syndrome required reconstruction of Grace’s digestive system, including a Hunt-Lawrence pouch and Ladd’s procedure.

“The procedures I performed on Grace went very well,” said Dr. Whitehouse. “Her outcome is predicted to be wonderful.”

“Dr. Whitehouse saved her life,” said Grace’s dad.

Moments that Count – Grace’s Abdominal Surgery Story

Moments that Count – Grace’s Abdominal Surgery Story