Gizmo and Messy Visit Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Bring Smiles to Patients and Parents

January 05, 2023

gizmo 4 kids Joe D calendar

Being hospitalized during the holiday season is never easy, but a recent visit by fictional characters brought to life as puppets was a day-brightener for both patients and parents at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Gizmo and Messy, created by author Suzanne Kline-Costa and seen on PBS-TV, put on a show at the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone, teaching kids important lessons about handling challenging situations. The pair interacted with patients, took photos, and donated plush Gizmo reading buddies and books.

Joe D team with Gizmo and Messy in January 2023

“There’s something comforting about a puppet that I think can be very healing,” said Kline-Costa. “Most kids are scared coming into hospitals and it’s not an experience you want to take lightly, so I think it’s really good to have that little piece of comfort added.”

Following the event, Kline-Costa announced a fundraiser for the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation that will run through January 15, 2023. For every 2023 Gizmo and Friends calendar sold during that time, a percentage of the proceeds will go to support kids, families, and programs at the children’s hospital. You can purchase a calendar at Gizmo 4 Kids.