Balancing Your Life Between Career and Family

July 12, 2018

Sarah Hart Unger

Whether you believe it exists or not, as a busy mom or dad, you can’t help but wonder if you’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance as you work a FT job, parent, volunteer, spend time with friends/family, and for some of our listeners, take courses to earn an advanced degree.

To give our listeners some tips and insights on how she maintains work-life balance, we’ve invited Dr. Sarah Hart-Unger, a Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital pediatric endocrinologist and co-host of her own parenting podcast.

Before we get to today’s guest, Jason and I will be talking about the following topics in today’s coffee chat segment: Activism and teens and OECDs work-life balance 2017 survey.



Coffee Chats

Main Topic

  • (17:16) Balancing Your Life Between Career and Family
  • Guest: Sarah Hart-Unger, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital; podcast host of Best of Both Worlds, and mom.