Podcast 008 HPV Vaccine for Tweens

October 05, 2017


Considering whether or not to have your tween daughter or son get the HPV vaccine may be a tough decision for some parents. Given the CDCs recommendation to have boys and girls vaccinated at age 11 or 12, it’s important to know the facts. On today’s episode, Dr. Carlos Perez-Mitchell, a head and neck surgeon, gives insights to parents on HPV and how the HPV vaccine can prevent cancer in boys and girls. Before we get to him, our coffee chat segment brings parents news they can use about delayed speech in toddlers using handheld devices and how the HPV vaccine may prevent cancer in teens.

Coffee Chat

Main Topic

  • (11:33) What Parents of Tweens Should Know About HPV and the HPV Vaccine
  • Guest: Carlos Perez-Mitchell, MD, Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist, Memorial Healthcare System