Opening Night for Miracle League

Miracle League baseball celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Play Ball

By Geo Rodriguez
Memorial Healthcare System

More than 70 children with disabilities joined Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in taking part of a pre-game Opening Day ceremony marking the 10-Year Anniversary of the Miracle League Baseball season.

The West Pembroke Pines Optimist Miracle League, made up of approximately 75 players with disabilities, will took the field in a friendly game of baseball.

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Players from the Flannigan High School baseball team and their coach Ray Evans served as “buddies” to each of the players on the field.

The Miracle League provides many of these special needs children with their first chance at sportsmanship and teamwork.


Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, in Hollywood, has given the Miracle League full support to operate an official regular season that begins Friday night and concludes in November with a World Series game.

Players receive a full uniform, provided by the hospital. Mario Salceda, Administrator, Memorial Physicians Group, Memorial Healthcare System, serves as head coach for the team.