Research and Education

When you Catch the Love for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, your gift funds medical research breakthroughs; training for the next generation of pediatric specialists; teaching resources for patients and more.

Thanks to donors, we have the technology and expertise to provide children with their own clinical trial and targeted level of care. Traditional hospital trials maintain one standardized protocol for all participants. Our protocol includes customized medication and radiation treatments for each patient. Customized trials are the future of healthcare, embraced by best-in-class hospitals.

Technology and Resources

Your support furthers the skills of today’s teams and alleviates the looming shortage of specialized talent. You help us keep teams on the cutting edge of evolving technology and treatments, as well as train the next generation of pediatric physicians through our residency program.

We're also empowering kids to continue learning and keep up with their classmates while they're here. Your support helps us increase classroom space, staffed with a full-time teacher from Broward County schools. We're also adding smartboards and other upgraded teaching tools.