Hurricane Preparedness for Families

June 01, 2024


As hurricane season approaches, Heidi Cohen, MD, assistant medical director at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, offers essential advice for families with small children.

Here are her four key tips to ensure your family's safety and well-being during this time.

Hurricane Preparation Tips for Families

Medication Preparedness

Ensure that any child on medication has at least a two-week supply readily available. This precaution helps maintain their treatment routine despite potential disruptions caused by the hurricane.

Important Documents

Keep copies of your child's vaccine record, birth certificate, and any other crucial medical information in a safe and easily accessible place. These documents will be vital if you need to seek medical care or relocate temporarily.

Non-Electronic Entertainment

To keep children calm and relaxed during power outages, have a variety of board games, cards, and other non-electronic activities ready. Planning these activities can be fun for children and help them feel more in control during the storm.

Communication and Reassurance

Children can become anxious as hurricanes approach, often imagining worst-case scenarios. It's important to talk to your child about what's happening in an age-appropriate manner to alleviate their fears and help them understand the situation.

By following Dr. Cohen's expert advice, families can better prepare for hurricane season, ensuring their children remain safe and emotionally supported during these challenging events. Share these tips to spread awareness and help other families prepare effectively.

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Dr. Heidi Cohen Shares Tips for Preparing Children for a Hurricane

Dr. Heidi Cohen Shares Tips for Preparing Children for a Hurricane