How to Talk to Kids About Vaccines

November 22, 2021

Joe D Staff

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On November 2, the CDC announced that they are recommending children 5 to 11 years old receive the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech pediatric vaccine. While many parents are concerned and have questions about the vaccine, your kids may have questions too. These three questions can help you talk to them about the importance of vaccines, how they work, and how the shot feels.

what is vaccine

1. What is a vaccine?

Vaccines are like putting on a seatbelt when you get in the car.

The seatbelt keeps you safe if you should get in an accident, and by putting it on no matter what, you will always be prepared for the worst. Vaccines help your body prepare for the disease if you should happen to be exposed to it.

why are vaccines important

2. Why are vaccines important?

When you get a vaccine, you help keep other people healthy too.

There are some people who can't get vaccines or can't get vaccines yet. The way many vaccines work is that you won't get sick from the germ you've been vaccinated for. Therefore, you won't spread germs to other people who haven't been vaccinated.

will it hurt vaccine shot

3. Will the vaccine shot hurt?

The shot might hurt a little, but the tiny poke is so much better than getting sick from a disease that might land you in the hospital. And no one wants that.

For more information, please visit the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination for Children 5-11 page.