Top 3 COVID 19 Vaccine Myths Debunked

August 26, 2021

Joe D Staff

top 3 vaccine myths debunked

With kids back to school for in-person learning, and COVID-19 cases on the rise in South Florida, it's important for children over the age of 12, and their parents, to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations can help reduce the risk of severe illness if you happen to contract the virus, and that helps to keep kids healing at home instead of a hospital.

At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, we bring you high quality health information you can trust to help you care for your family. Our experts keep up to date on the latest recommendations from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and more. So we thought we’d address the most common concerns we hear from parents who are deciding whether or not to vaccinate their child.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Pharmacy Director, Brian McKee, has the answers you’re looking for so you can roll up your sleeves with confidence.

Dispelling Vaccine Myths

Director of Pharmacy, Brian McKee, addresses several myths about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Will my child get COVID-19 from getting the vaccine?

top 3 covid vaccine myths debunked infographic

Rest assured this is not something that is even a remote possibility.

  • There is no active virus within the vaccine making it impossible for your child to contract the disease from the shot.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine will protect your child, not infect them.

Side effects from receiving the COVID-19 vaccination are similar to those that are felt with most other vaccinations – arm soreness at the location of vaccination is common. Some people also experience fever, headache, and tiredness.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine change my child's DNA?

will covid vaccine change dna infographic

This is a question we hear a lot, and we want to set the record straight with the science behind it.

The way in which the vaccine was made does not target DNA for adults or children, so it cannot affect or change a person’s DNA.

Essentially, mRNA vaccines teach cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies. This allows our immune system to more quickly recognize the virus that causes COVID-19, mount an immune response, and more quickly handle the virus. This mechanism of vaccine development has been studied since 2011 and is both safe and effective.

Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect my child's reproductive system?

can covid vaccine change reproductive system

There is no evidence the COVID-19 vaccine or any vaccine can affect a child's reproductive system.

In fact, since COVID-19 vaccination efforts began, more than 120,000 healthy pregnancies have been reported.

When you get vaccinated, you contribute to community immunity and a healthier world for all children and ultimately, that’s what we all want. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and healthy start to the school year and we encourage you to get vaccinated, maintain a safe distance and to continue to wear your mask.