5 Ways to Build Immune System

April 20, 2020

Joe D Staff

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Here are five ways to boost children's immune system:

1. Have them eat a variety of fruit

eat fruit

Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories

2. Serve fresh, frozen or canned vegetables

eat vegetables

Calcium is found in some green vegetables, such as kale and broccoli

3. Include lots of whole grains in their diet

eat whole grains

Whole grains lead to a healthier gut, which in turn benefits their immune system

4. Get your family active for 1-hour a day

The suggested amount of daily activity for 5- to 17-year-olds is at least 60 minutes. Try home workouts or going on walks during non-peak hours while keeping physical distance.

5. Promote naps during the day and let them get plenty of sleep at night

Sleep deprivation can lead to a more vulnerable immune system.

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