A New Heart Gives Terique Another Chance ‘to Live Life’

Terique, who had a heart transplant

Terique was unusually exhausted after football practices. He’d even fall asleep in his uniform.

“His chest was hurting. He had shortness of breath,” said his mom, Carrie.

Pediatric cardiology specialists at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital determined Terique had myocarditis and his heart was failing.

“I was scared. I wanted to live life, but I can’t because I have a bad heart,” Terique said.

He was in and out of the hospital with recurrent episodes until the day his heart stopped beating.

“He sustained a lot of damage to the heart muscle, so he ended up getting listed for heart transplantation,” said Laura D’Addese, MD, Pediatric Cardiologist.

The family got the call — they had a heart for Terique! — just four days before his mom’s birthday. It was a gift, and the surgery was a great success.

“Today I feel better than ever,” Terique said. “It’s a blessing.”

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