Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Your Care Team

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital provide personalized, compassionate care for your child. We know the children we support each have different needs, abilities and goals. That’s why we build a unique rehabilitation care team for every patient. As your child grows and progresses, we adapt their care plan accordingly to continue meeting their evolving needs. This personalized approach gets results that make a difference.

A Team of Experts Dedicated to Your Child

Our pediatric rehabilitation program is the only one in South Florida featuring fellowship-trained, board-certified pediatric physiatrists. Physiatrists are doctors with advanced training in treating physical and neurological conditions affecting how the brain, spinal cord, limbs, muscles and nerves function. 

Other team members include:

  • Nurse practitioners. Diagnose children’s conditions, order and review tests, and prescribe medications
  • Physical therapists. Help children improve mobility and function without surgery or other invasive procedures.
  • Occupational therapists. Teach children skills and exercises to increase their ability to perform day-to-day tasks and encourage independence.
  • Speech-language therapists. Help children improve their ability to understand and use language, swallow correctly and speak clearly.

Would PM&R help improve your child’s movement, mobility and independence? Call us at 954-265-4000 to schedule a consultation.

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