Single Ventricle Program

Managing patients with single ventricle physiology such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which occurs when parts of the left side of the heart do not develop completely, can be extremely complex. Such a congenital heart defect requires extensive hospital resources and a skilled and experienced medical team to manage these patients from the time of diagnosis through adulthood.

The Single Ventricle Program at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Heart Institute offers a comprehensive approach to the management of patients with single ventricle physiology. From accurate diagnosis in-utero until post-surgical follow up, our unique approach translates into successful long-term and short-term outcomes for single ventricle patients. Below are the key aspects of our program.

Prenatal Management

Advanced technology has allowed cardiac experts to diagnose many congenital heart defects prior to birth so both parent and physician can be prepared for medical and surgical intervention once the baby is born. Our Fetal Diagnosis and Management Program includes some of the most experienced cardiac doctors in the country. Our team has the ability to accurately diagnose a congenital heart defect in-utero and then guide the mother during pregnancy through to the time of delivery and the first few days of life until the time of surgery. By offering complete specialized care to mothers, we can assist you in making the right decisions about your unborn child, answer any questions you might have and guide you through delivery without having to leave our center or seek consultation elsewhere.

Surgical Intervention

At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Heart Institute we know that every child is different and that the type of surgical procedure will depend on a unique set of factors. We offer treatment strategies that address all variations in anatomy including:

  • Hybrid palliation for the baby that is too young, too small or too sick to undergo complex surgery
  • Norwood operation for children that are fit enough to sustain a complex surgical procedure
  • Transplantation for those children whose heart is not strong enough to carry the child to adulthood

Members of our Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery team are widely recognized as some of the most experienced cardiac surgeons in the country, having authored publications that have set the gold standard for management of children with single ventricle physiology.

Inter-Stage Monitoring

Going home with a child who has single ventricle physiology or a major cardiac condition can be extremely stressful and scary for both parents and healthcare professionals outside of the hospital. With our Single Ventricle and High-Risk Home Monitoring Program, patients and their families are never too far from a medical professional who can provide guidance or answer questions should problems arise. This comprehensive program utilizes:

  • Our experienced nurse practitioners
  • In-house cardiac specialists
  • Extensive network of community cardiologists

Post-Surgical Follow-Up

After the initial surgery, patients require close follow up in case any problems arise that might require prompt intervention. At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Institute, we offer some of the most advanced Diagnostic and Heart Imaging and Interventional Catheterization Programs where our team of experts can perform any required procedures without need for referral to other centers.