Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Heart Institute

We treat the children who come to us as we would our own. We care for their hearts and their whole bodies, no matter how small.

If you are new to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Heart Institute, we’d like to welcome you. You may feel overwhelmed. That’s normal, and we’re here to help.

Offering a full range of congenital heart care, including heart transplantation, our program is one of the top pediatric heart programs in the country. From our outcomes to the experience level of our cardiologists, surgeons, nurses and cardiac support staff, we provide excellent pediatric heart care. 

Why Choose Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital for Heart Care?

As one of Florida's leading pediatric cardiac centers, we provide heart care to infants, children, adolescents and young adults with a variety of cardiac conditions. We offer:

  • Congenital heart care close to home: We are here for Florida’s children who need specialized heart care, including those with complex heart conditions. That means you don’t need to travel far to get world-class heart care for your child. New treatments, advanced technologies and experienced specialists are all here.
  • One place, many specialists: In one location, you and your family will be able to access all types of heart specialists, including some of the nation’s top pediatric cardiologists and surgeons. Our team includes experts in congenital heart disease, heart surgery, heart failure, electrophysiology, cardiac catheterization, heart imaging, anesthesia and intensive care. We work collaboratively, which makes it easier for you to schedule care and get the answers you need. Even better, our team approach provides seamless care for children.
  • One of the most active transplant centers in Florida: We are one of the most active heart transplant programs in the state. Learn more about heart transplant at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
  • Innovative ways to diagnose and treat children: Our doctors have developed new diagnostic tests and new treatment protocols. Memorial Healthcare System supports research and innovation in everything from new surgical procedures to imaging tests. We are able to catch and treat heart conditions earlier, using less-invasive methods. Read about our innovations in heart imaging.
  • Family-centered care: We’ve designed our program around what children and their families need most during a difficult time. We actively involve parents in decisions, with open communications, and we seek out ways to let children be children. We treat our patients as if they were our own children. Read our story to learn more about who we are and how our program came to be.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or learn about our award-winning pediatric heart team, call 954-265-3437.