Preparing Your Child for Drive-through COVID-19 Testing

Update Regarding Test Results

We are aware of lengthy test result delays at the State of Florida’s C.B. Smith Park testing site. Memorial provides personnel to the state and National Guard to help staff the site but has no role in processing tests.

All specimens go directly to Quest Diagnostics. We have been in touch with Quest about processing tests more quickly, and Quest reports delays due to the volume of testing nationwide.

If you or someone you know is waiting for results, please self-quarantine in the meantime and refer to this chart for information about when it is necessary to seek medical attention.

To help your child feel safe and secure during COVID-19 testing at C.B. Smith Park, you may choose to explain the experience in advance, including:

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What happens when you arrive at the park

"We'll make a few stops along the way and drive to a special tent just for kids."

What the testing team will be wearing

"At the park you might see some friendly soldiers, nurses and staff who are there to help you. The two nurses will be wearing special gowns, gloves, masks, face shields or goggles. They look kind of like astronauts."

How the test is done

The COVID-19 test consists of rubbing the inside of your child's nose with a long soft cotton swab.

"You can help the nurse by holding still like a statue for a few seconds. I will be with you the whole time."

How you will support your young child

Mom comforting toddler during COVID-19 test

Parents may choose to sit next to their child to comfort them or assist with positioning during the test. 

Parents must be wearing a mask in order to get out of the car and sit next to their child.

If a child needs to be laid down for swabbing, a separate tent with a chair and/or exam table is available and is cleaned in between patients for the safety of each child.

"The test will be very quick and you will stay in your car seat (or booster seat). I will sit next to you and hold your hand."

What happens after the test

After testing is completed, you will exit the park. You will be called with the test results.

"You did it. The test is done and now you get to go home."

Tips for helping young children feel calm

We understand that testing can be a stressful experience for both you and your child. Rest assured that our team is trained and prepared to care for your child with safety and compassion.
To help your child feel calm, you may choose to:

  • Play soft music at the park
  • Do breathing exercises before the test
  • Count together during the test

Items you might like to bring

  • Healthy snacks and drinks
  • Stuffed animal or special blanket
  • Cherished book or favorite toy
  • Interactive game or electronic device