Complex Care Team Is Here for Parker in Moments that Count

Parker, with mom

Parker’s parents expected a normal birth, but she arrived via emergency C-section with serious breathing trouble. Transferred to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, her parents knew they were in the right place the moment they arrived at our Wasie Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“Everybody from the people who come and clean her room all the way up to the CEO have been absolutely wonderful here,” said Miles, Parker’s dad.

Choanal atresia, a blockage between Parker’s nose and throat, caused her breathing difficulty and craniosynostosis prematurely fused the bones in her skull threatening brain development.

“With multiple procedures and ongoing medical problems Parker’s treatment is managed by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Center for Complex Care, and she benefits from our unique alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital,” explained Amanda Porro, MD, medical director, Clinical Effectiveness and Complex Care.

“Boston Children’s told us we’re doing everything right and that we’re in wonderful hands,” shared Kelsey, Parker’s mom. “You can't hear anything better.”

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