Da'realis and Family Finally Found Answers, Deep Caring and Hope

Da'Realis, who had a LVAD

"We went to so many hospitals throughout my whole life," Da'realis said. Even though Da'realis had been repeatedly hospitalized, Da'realis' mom said, "They never figured out what the problem was."

So she called Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Among the Top 50 Best Children's Hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery.

During his workup, it was discovered he had Kearns-Sayre syndrome, a genetic condition that can affect skeletal muscles, eyes and heart.

"Also, he presented a very severe form of heart failure," said Svetlana Shugh, MD, pediatric cardiologist.

After discussions with the family, the team moved forward with an implantable heart pump. It had been used at other pediatric centers, but this was a first for Florida. The pump will take over the work of the heart and give Da'realis a more normal life.

"We truly are a big referral center for children with heart failure," said Dr. Shugh.

"It seems like each and every person and staff was handpicked just for patients like my son," concluded Lakesha, Da'realis' mom.

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