Medical Study Validate's Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital's philosophy of Power of Play


Move over laughter. Playing is now officially another source of best medicine.

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics has validated Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s longtime philosophy of the “Power of Play” as an integral part of patient care.

The published report titled “The Power of Play: A Pediatric Role in Enhancing Development in Young Children” emphasizes the importance of play in children’s lives — so much so that the report authors are advising physicians to write out a prescription for playing.

The study further summarized extensive developmental and neurological research on play.

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Datasource: Power of Play
At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, play has been something that pediatricians and specialists have already long prescribed.


The concept of play is even evident by the hospital’s whimsically decorated walls and by the activities that Child Life specialists provide throughout the day. The hospital even has a weekly Tutu Tuesdays in which physicians, nurses and staffers wear tutus throughout the campus.

The hospital also features the longtime services of Lotsy Dotsy, the chief resident clown for more than 20 years.

In short, keeping children at play is what the doctor ordered.

In this video, specialists, staff and nurses give their takes on the power of play.