Dry Drowning, Teen Summer Jobs, and Water Safety Tips

carolina miranda torres

Summer has officially arrived, and many families can’t wait to take that inaugural plunge into the nearest pool, lake or beach to cool off. With that said, many of our listeners may have recently heard of the terms “dry, delayed or secondary drowning” related to a report of a toddler in TX dying because of this condition last year.

To help us understand what dry drowning is and how to prevent your child from experiencing it, we’ve invited Dr. Carolina Miranda Torres to today’s show, a Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital pediatric pulmonologist.

We will also talk about teens and summer jobs and water safety tips for parents w/young children.



Coffee Chats
  • (3:21) Teen Summer Jobs
  • (9:37) Water Safety Tips For Parents of Young Children

Main Topic

  • (14:53) Facts and Myths About Delayed Drowning or Dry Drowning
  • Guest: Carolina Miranda Torres, MD, pediatric pulmonologist at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital