Fidget Toys for Austism; Bully Notifications From School

Fidget Spinners For Autism

As Jason mentioned, we’ll be tag teaming on the next few episodes because our awesome co-host, Dr. Latanya Benjamin, will no longer be apart of the show. She brought so much wisdom to the show in terms of her medical insight about pediatric dermatology as well as her positive and collaborative spirit. We will miss her and wish her well. With that said, we are in the process of searching for another Joe D pediatric specialist to fill her shoes, so stay tuned.

Since April is occupational therapy and autism awareness month, we invited Tina Milian, an OT, to talk to us about her role and how sensory or fidget toys are used as a therapy tool for children on the autism spectrum.



Coffee Chats

  • (2:30) Schools Notifying Parents About Their Children Being Bullied (Sources:
  • (11:17) Are fidget spinners for Autism just hype? (Sources: NPR, The Conversation)

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