We are excited to show you all of the ways your love built every beautiful and innovative space, filled with state-of the-art technology, equipment and more. Take a closer look at all the features and learn how Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital four-floor expansion will help our patients have an opportunity for a healthier future.

Expansion image showing new floors
floor eight

Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone funded by Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation

In partnership with Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids, funded by Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, The Child Life Zone is our state-of-the-art play space. Now we have the opportunity to take therapeutic play to a totally new and next level experience for kids of all ages and their families.

The Child Life Zone includes innovative spaces and features such as the Gathering Café where kids and families can come together and do crafts on the serenade table or learn how to prepare healthy meals with out chef. The Classroom/Maker Space has cool technology like a 3D printer, Cricut® Maker, Smart Board and more. Our Performance/Event Space will include CCTV programming, virtual reality, and a gigantic green screen for making videos, watching movies, hosting book readings and other special events. And our Sensory Room, which is designed to help kids improve their visual, auditory, and tactile processing, as well as fine and gross motor skills, will have comforting floor mats, rocker, fiber optic and sensory toys.


City Furniture Family Lounge

A comfy space where families can play, laugh and relax. The City Furniture Family lounge provides an inviting space where the entire family can come together to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The lounge space also extends to a full kitchen, where families can feel even more at home.


Mr. George’s Patient Classroom

Mr. George's Patient Classroom allows kids attend school and helps continue learning during their stay in the hospital. This partnership with Broward County Public Schools includes a STEM Lab, and Mr. George, our full-time teacher, helps children stay on track with their studies while receiveing world class care. This new state-of-the art classroom also includes a 3D printer and smart white board.


Simulation Lab funded by our Medical Staff

The Medical Staff Simulation Lab helps us train the next generation of pediatric specialists. This area emcompasses an observation deck, includes streaming capabilities and is open to all hospital and partner professionals as well as parents and caregivers.


Fitness Room & Family Spa

We believe in the healing power of play for everybody, including parents. The Fitness Room & Family Spa provides parents and caregivers a tranquil space to recharge and relax and focus on their wellness so they can be the best versions of themselves to support their families through their journey.

floor seven

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) includes 26 total beds, a playroom and family lounge. These large critical care private rooms are family centered and include a separate family space with sleeper sofa, separate TV for the caregivers, and en suite bathroom. They also allow for bedside procedures to take place ensuring parents and caregivers can participate in the care and support of their sick child as much as possible. This unit is a home base for our Transport program allowing kids from across the state to access specialty care.


Pediatric Pharmacy

Our expanded Pediatric Pharmacy allows our team to provide personalized specialty services to our littlest patients and their families. This dedicated pediatric pharmacy leads with patient safety innovations, including using DoseEdge to automate preparation, tracking and reporting of IV solutions and oral medications.


Helene and Stephen Weicholz Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

Our private, patient care areas are designed to be a home-away-from-home with bright colors on the wall, ample shelving and storage, and en suite bathroom. Keeping our patients and their families at the forefront, our new space allows us to provide world class care to families throughout Florida and the world. Having our teams working together in the same space helps us improve clinical outcomes and enhance the patient and family experience.


The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room

With our four new state-of-the-art procedure rooms, we are able to support Cardiac Catheterizations, Electrophysiology (EP), Interventional Radiology (IR) cases, and Cardiothoracic Open-Heart Surgeries all in one space. Our clinicians are able to diagnose and treat many conditions without the need for open surgery procedures. In addition, one room is a Hybrid operating room which is an advanced procedural space that combines a traditional operating room with an image guided interventional suite. This combination allows for highly complex, advanced procedures to be performed with combined surgical and interventional teams prepared to meet the complex needs of patients.


Cardiac Pre-op & Recovery Private Patient and Family Rooms

Our multidisciplinary team is now able to provide world class cardiac care in a single shared space. Not only does this improve outcomes, but as 1 of only 3 pediatric heart transplant programs in Florida, our entire ‘heart center’ floor is vitally important to our patients, their families, and our community. In addition, our ELSO Gold status ECMO program and Satellite Blood Bank will also share this space. These programs provide vital support to the pediatric cardiac teams to provide highly specialized care for even the tiniest of hearts.


Cardiac Bedside Procedure Rooms

We have four state-of-the-art hybrid Cardiac Bedside Procedure Rooms which will allow clinicians to diagnose and treat many conditions without the need to move the patient from the comfort of their private room. Not only will this help improve clinical outcomes, having these rooms will provide our patients with optimal health care.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Gym

The new Inpatient Rehabilitation Gym allows the medical team to treat patients with more complex diagnoses and who would benefit from an inpatient rehabilitation stay. features two additional therapeutic rooms, a sensory room, a Virtual Reality treadmill, a Bioness Vector Track which is a ceiling mounted body weight support harness system that is used in gait, mobility, and balance rehabilitation that virtually eliminates the risks of falls. The new space will also accommodate access to an outdoor terrace where patients can expand their inpatient rehabilitation journey to the outdoors. The inpatient rehabilitation nursing unit will consist of six large private rooms which will provide families with plenty of space during their admission and also additional technology for our rehabilitation nursing team to be able to treat more complex diagnoses that would benefit from an inpatient rehabilitation stay. One of the six inpatient rehabilitation rooms will also be equipped with a Bioness Vector Track to assist patients and staff by providing additional support and safety when ambulating around the room. The Virtual Reality Treadmill gives children a unique and fun way to improve their strengths and endurance. Of our six inpatient rehabilitation rooms, one of the them offers kids a unique sensory experience. For children in need of more support, we’ve designed an innovative space that is equipped with a Bioness Vector Track which will assist patients while simultaneously providing staff the additional support and safety needed for moving a patient around the room.


Hope Terrace/Butterfly Garden funded by Robins & Morton

Hope Terrace/Butterfly Garden gives kids and their families the opportunity to take their inpatient rehabilitation journey, outdoors. Our goal was to provide a unique multipurpose space for our patients; one that could be used for outdoor rehabilitation exercises, as well as be a place where children could play, have fun, and enjoy the fresh Florida air with their families.


Center for Complex Care – Alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital

The Center for Complex Care serves as a medical home for children with complex medical needs with a multidisciplinary team providing chronic care, disease management and preventive services for these medically fragile patients. The goal is to provide patient-centered clinical care and comprehensive care coordination for patients experiencing multiple health conditions. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Center for Complex Care has formed an innovative alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital as an added tool, to provide patients with more coordinated access to specialized and streamlined care with experts at both children’s hospitals with a collective approach to care. This alliance allows access to Boston Children’s Hospital specialists for very rare cases.


Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) & Private In-Patient Rehab Rooms

Our state-of-the-art Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) & Private In-Patient Rehab Rooms have been designed with feedback from families, stakeholders, and staff. While the layout allows us to provide the highest level of specialized treatment and care, we wanted the space to feel more home-like for our young patients and families.