What to Expect When Visiting Hospital

by: Child Life
girl wearing face mask

To help families understand what to expect when visiting Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, our Child Life Specialists walk you through our new safety measures, which include wearing a face mask and social distancing.

First Base: Wellness Check

A child's journey to their doctor's appointment at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital begins in the lobby where our friendly, healthcare hero nurses welcome you. They're responsible for making sure everyone is healthy, which includes making sure only parent/caregiver is with them for their visit and taking their temperature.

nurse checking child's temperature

Second Base: Check-In

After leaving first base, a security officer will ask your parent to sign in at our security desk and direct you to the registration desk. Here, you will get a special bracelet with your name and birthday on it.

security desk at Joe D registration desk at Joe D

Third Base: Fun with Masks

Wearing a mask helps keep us safe by preventing germs from spreading. While wearing a mask may feel silly at first, before long, you won’t even realize it's there. It makes it super fun when your mask has your favorite character on it!

You'll also notice all staff members are wearing masks too. While you may not be able to see our smiles, they are there, because we are happy you are here.

nurses wearing mask

Home Plate: Safety Tips

Washing your hands for 20 seconds is extremely important too. Read this article on ways to make hand washing fun.

Physical distancing can be a confusing for kids. In the graphic below, Lotsy Dotsy, our resident clown, helps illustrate what six feet apart looks like.

lotsy dotsy 6 feet distancing graphic

Many kids from our community have made cards to bring smiles to everyone’s face. We would love if you made a card too while you are here.

card wall at Joe D prayer wall

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