Nutrition/Healthy Choices

Nutrition Healthy Choices


Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, along with FLIPANY, delivers presentations and workshops to raise awareness among healthcare professionals, families and the public about nutrition and making healthy food choices.

What We Teach

FLIPANY’s chef instructor/nutrition educators deliver a one-hour nutrition workshop for K-12 students. Participants learn about the benefits of healthy eating, modifying recipes, cooking tips and shopping on a budget.

What We Provide

  • Interactive food demonstrations
  • Hands-on cooking lessons
  • Food samples

Details of the Program

  • Target Grades: Kindergarten thru 12th
  • Length of Program: 45-60 minutes

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital partners with FLIPANY to provide this program.

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Our Partners in Education Programs are coordinated by Memorial Community Relations. Please call 954-276-1250 for more information or complete this form to request a program.