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Over 600 experts caring for your young experts.

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Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialists

From asthma to heart transplant and everything in between, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital has more than 600 board-certified pediatric specialists ready to help your child in a patient and family-centered care environment, where we see the family as true partners.

Are you interested in learning how to help your child get back in the game after a sports injury? Are you curious about the hospital's Image Gently approach to providing the right exposure for imaging? Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital has you and your kids covered!

Some of our pediatric specialists share tips and perspectives on these and other health topics with the goal of educating and raising awareness. Hear and see how your child is at the heart of everything we do at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.

Media Inquiries

Media Professionals Contact:
Kerting Baldwin

Director of Media Relations
Office: 954-265-3455
Direct: 954-265-5437
Pager: 954-286-1353

Marla Oxenhandler
Media Relations Manager

Office: 954-265-3455
Direct: 954-265-5465
Pager: 954-286-8484
Email: moxenhandler@mhs.net