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Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) includes patients, ages 12 and older. During monthly meetings, they contribute information and opinions about many aspects of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Many members of the YAC are former patients, cancer survivors, or siblings of patients, who are familiar with the hospital setting and are able to relate to our teenage patients. YAC members interact with patients and share their own stories and experiences. In addition to providing compassion and support, these visits give our teenage patients the opportunity to be in a "doctor-free" environment.

YAC members also plan Teen Nights, monthly two-hour events, for our teenage patients, their siblings and friends. With such themes as luau, western, disco and toga, Teen Night is an opportunity for our teenage patients to socialize with one another in a fun and relaxed environment. Members of the YAC also help plan the hospital's events for all ages, such as our Thanksgiving Parade, Haunted House, Egg Hunt and Back to School Carnival. The members of the YAC receive service hours for their hard work.

In addition to facilitating Teen Night and other activities, the YAC had opportunities to give input on many aspects of the new Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Several council members were featured on the local news during this time. The YAC members attended several architect meetings and gave their opinions regarding color schemes, room setup, signage and more. In addition, they worked on perfecting our menu and conducted taste tests for new, healthier food options. The YAC even assisted in the new design of the website you are reading right now!

To learn more about the Youth Advisory Council, visit our Facebook fan page here.

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