Patient Bill of Rights

At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, we understand that children are not little adults. A child-friendly and specialized approach is required for children's healthcare, and children are entitled to several rights in connection with that care.

Patients at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital are entitled to be treated according to these patient rights guidelines:

Please Do
  • Look at me and talk to me in a way that I can understand
  • Knock on my door before entering and please introduce yourself
  • Be honest with me – always
  • Offer me a choice whenever possible
  • Communicate with my parents. If they feel less anxious, it will help me feel less anxious
  • Tell me what you are going to do before you do it
  • Remember that play is an important part of my day; try to make time for it
Please Don't
  • Tell me "it won't hurt" if it will
  • Tell me "don't cry"
  • Forget to listen when I have something to say
  • Forget I want my favorite toy to go along with me to different places in the hospital
Please Remember
  • To respect me by letting me show my feelings; they are a part of me and I need to be allowed to express them. Hugs often help me feel better.