Developing Effective Parenting Skills

The goal of parent education is to reduce drug/alcohol use, teen suicide, juvenile delinquency, gang involvement, child abuse and domestic violence. Short term objectives are to increase parent sense of competence, positive family/parent/child interactions, positive parent/child relationships, child self-esteem and self-discipline, child social competency skills and increased parental involvement. Meetings are offered in many community locations: churches, schools, community agencies and other locations

Guiding Good Choices (GGC)

GGC is a risk-focused initiative that provides parents of adolescents (ages 6 –14) with the necessary tools to continue to raise the children free of drugs and alcohol associated problems.

Staying Connected to Your Teen (SCYT)

SCYT is designed to help parents utilize a problem-solving style of communication that guides older youth (12-17 years old; special needs population) to think for themselves.

Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities (SMEFC)

SMEFC is a unique integration of various prevention/intervention strategies geared toward reducing violence against self, the family and the community. The program targets ethnic and culturally diverse parents of children aged 3-18 years who are interested in raising children with a commitment to leading a violence-free, healthy lifestyle.

South Broward Youth Coalition – Teens promoting healthy neighborhoods

South Broward County

It is a simple but proven fact – most young people do not engage in negative activities (drug use, delinquency) when they have a positive connection with their community (Florida Youth Survey, 2004). The South Broward Youth Coalition (SBYC) is the blueprint for youth (12-17 years of age) to become part of neighborhood "solutions" by developing strategies focused on community ownership as well as the development of youth leadership skills. SBYC meets at CYS Taft Street, located in west Hollywood.

For more information about Community Youth Services, call 954-985-7000, ext 241.