Supporting You and Your Child Every Step of the Way

At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of support services and programs for you and your child. These services are designed to provide you with the resources and support you need to make your Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital experience as productive - and pleasant - as possible.

Support Services

The following individuals are available to provide support to you and your child:

  • Social Workers are assigned to each unit and provide support during your hospital stay. They also assist you with your child's discharge needs.
  • Child Life Specialists help patients become more comfortable with medical procedures and their hospital stay through medical play, pain management and distraction, and anxiety and fear relief.
  • Family Advocate provides emotional support and helps you navigate your hospital stay.
  • Patient & Family Care and Discharge Coordinators are available to help assist you with your child's plan of care.

Support Programs

Child Life Program: Our Child Life Program is designed to help minimize any stress that your child is experiencing and to create a positive, nurturing environment for your entire family. The program includes the following services:

  • Medical Play - Our Child Life specialists help patients become more comfortable with medical procedures through supervised play using dolls and real medical equipment
  • Pain Management - We know that some procedures and treatments can hurt. Our team helps to distract children during uncomfortable procedures and assist recovering patients with developing strategies for coping with pain
  • Relieve Fear and Anxiety – Our specialists are trained to help children through their hospital experience, through therapeutic and recreational play activities

For more information on any of the above services, please call our Child Life Department at 954-265-0171.

Teddy Bear Tour

Teddy Bear Tours

Go behind the scenes at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital with our Teddy Bear Tours. Children, age 3 and older, scheduled for surgery or special procedures, and their families can take a special tour of the hospital to familiarize themselves with the facility and learn what to expect during their hospital visit.

For more information, call 954-265-0108.

Lotsy Dotsy

Clown Therapy

For more than two decades, patients and grown-ups alike have enjoyed singing songs, blowing bubbles and playing harmonica with Lotsy Dotsy, our very own resident clown. To request a visit from Lotsy Dotsy, please contact your Child Life Specialist at 954-265-0171.

Pet-a-Pet Program

Pet-A-Pet Program

Some of our volunteers have four legs! Our team of fuzzy, four-legged pet volunteers spreads smiles throughout Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. To arrange a visit from one of our four-legged friends, call the Bark Line at 954-265-BARK.

Family Advocate Program

Our Family Advocate helps you navigate the healthcare system, communicate with your healthcare team and works to enhance your overall experience of care. The Advocate can also provide you with communication tools that will help you be an active partner on your child's healthcare team. To contact our Family Advocate, Michelle Barone, call 954-265-0191.

JDCH Mentor Program

When a family is newly diagnosed or living with a chronic illness, it is helpful to meet families that have gone through the same experience. Our Family Advocate will match you to a family based on diagnosis and/or experience. Our program is affiliated with Mended Little Hearts (cardiac) and the Pep Squad (diabetes) To schedule a meeting, please call 954-265-1070.

Musicians on Call

For information on these two programs, please call the Child Life Department at 954-265-6450.

NICU Support Groups

Our Breast-feeding Support Group is held every Wednesday, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

NICU Family Support Meetings are held each Wednesday, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Both meetings are held on the 2nd floor, in the NICU Family Center conference room. For additional information, please contact Rob Hoopes at 954-265-5831.