Special Services

No two patients are alike. At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, we recognize and appreciate that important fact and provide special services for our patients and families.

Language Services

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and Memorial Healthcare System serve a vibrant multicultural community in South Florida. We strive to provide patients and their families with medical care in their own language.

Every Memorial facility has signs in English and Spanish, and many educational materials and brochures are available in Spanish. For more information, call 954-276-5293.

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital maintains a list of employees who speak a wide range of foreign languages, so that we can communicate with patients in their own language. Please ask your nurse or caregiver about arranging translation services.

Special Needs

We want your child's stay, and your experience, to be as pleasant as possible. Our Patients With Special Needs office can help if you or your child requires accommodations such as low-vision and hearing-impaired telephone devices or closed captioning. We are also the only hospital in the area to have a sign language interpreter available to children and their families.

If you would like to know about available special needs services or arrange for assistance, please call the coordinator for Patients With Special Needs at 954-276-5293.