Partnering with Patients and Families

At Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, we promote a patient- and family-centered care approach to healthcare (PFCC). PFCC, which refers to the planning, evaluating and delivering of a patient's care, is a mutually beneficial partnership between health care providers, patients and their families. Under the PFCC philosophy, patients, their families and health care professionals are true partners, working together to best meet the needs of the child.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care Means:

  • Understanding and respecting patients' cultural traditions, personal preferences and values, family situations and lifestyles
  • Giving patients and their families the opportunity to make choices about many aspects of their care, and the care delivery process
  • Involving patients and their loved ones as part of the care team, collaborating with healthcare professionals in making clinical decisions
  • Putting responsibility for important aspects of self-care and monitoring in patients' hands-along with the tools and support they need
  • Ensuring that transitions between providers, departments and healthcare settings are respectful, coordinated and efficient
  • Input from Patient and Family Advisory Councils

PFCC Resources at Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Healthcare System has Patient and Family Resource Centers that provide practical health-related information, hospitality services and community information and support. These Resource Centers, as well as many of our hospital policies, have been created with direct input from our Patient and Family Advisory Councils.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council

As a consumer of health services, your observations about what works for you and your family are powerful tools for enhancing the quality of Memorial Healthcare System. We encourage you to join our Patient and Family Advisory Council where you can help us design programs and services that meet real healthcare needs as defined by patients and families. For more information, call 954-265-3000.